Databox FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your user limit?

EIQ2 license allows for unlimited users and is only limited by your SQL server license.

How long has  EIQbeen around for?

EIQ2 has been in development for over five years and is built from a combined experience of developing Data Platforms of over 60 years.

What are the technical prerequisites to implement  EIQ2?

SQL Server Configurations:


How many distinct sources of information can be processed with EIQ2?


How easy is it to create or make changes to developed jobs or routines?

EIQ2 offers a complete – automated process, allowing you to easily create, update (end-to-end tasks) and with limited intervention:


If extracting data from sourced databases or sourced data (flat) files, what is the expected size, format of the input data?


If sourcing data from (flat) files, are the files delimited or fixed length?


What characters are used as delimiters?


Can EIQ2 support the types of joins and where clauses needed to execute against the tables of interest?


How flexible is the error conditional testing and how are errors logged?

Process auditing


Can EIQ2 recover from a failed job without manual intervention and how well does it respond to spurious failures such as network problems, server crashes or running out of disk space?