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Welcome to EIQ2

Watch this video for a short introduction of what EIQ2 is all about, and the services that we offer.

The video will also show you why what we do is so important to the data warehouse industry, and what we can do for your business.

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Click on the video for an introduction to EIQ2

A Data Warehouse Solution that drives Business

EIQ2 is built as a ‘light touch’ SQL Server Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the delivery of information and Business Facts

As a company we are passionate about data warehousing. For us it is self evident that the effective use of information within companies drives performance improvements and balance sheet success. EIQ2 can deliver success with speed and low cost.


Homogenised Data for your Business

EIQ2 collects data across the various functions and silos within the company, homogenised and delivered so that informed decisions can be taken.


Improved Business performance through EIQ2

Faster Business compliance, produce reliable and timely Business Data, get insight into your competitors, manage your customers and so much more with EIQ2.

Use Cases

  • Databox Health Care Use Case
  • Databox Telecoms Use Case
  • Education Databox Use Case
  • Databox Retail use Case

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