Retail Industry

The retail industry can benefit hugely from the use of a Data Platform. EIQhas the power to quickly and cost-effectively homogenise data from various systems.

How can EIQhelp in the retail industry?

We can rapidly gather the information from the various systems to ensure that compliance requirements are met, customer management, supply chain enhancements introduced, store operations management, finance information provided, stock lines managed and much more.

Product Pricing

Price elasticity models manipulate detailed data to determine not only the best price, but often different prices for the same product according to different variables

Financial Gains

One of the key areas EIQcan provide highly valuable information is in the financial operations of your business.

You can garner the value of a customer or how profitable that customer or group of customers is to your business. The rich information provided by EIQcan also allow you to integrate this into your anti fraud prevention systems and identify key areas of risk.

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