Pyramid Databox


A Data Warehousing Solution that drives business.

EIQ2 has been built as a ‘light touch’ SQL Server Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the delivery of information and Business Facts.

The core to fusion is the capability of supporting the information pyramid within companies. The process that fusion supports is one that converts multiple sourced, overlapping, undefined and haphazard data into an integrated business defined structure that will drive business value from the insights that can be gained form this ‘’One Golden Truth’ that is accepted through out the business.

Data Warehousing Challenges

The challenges in building a Data Warehouse often centre around:


  • Costs
  • User buy in
  • Agreed and defined Business Fact definitions
  • Finding the right data
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Ensuring that this is all repeatable so that the world of Excel spreadsheets can be left behind



None of these are technology issues or challenges. These are completely focussed on the business use of information. This is exactly why EIQtakes all of the technology world away with what is, in effect, a Data Warehouse black box so that the Business can focus on the Business

Business Decisions Today

EIQ2 has two main objectives:

To translate data into actionable knowledge so that more informed business decisions can be made; and to use a business’s intellectual assets to create value and build competitive advantage.