Pyramid Databox


A Data Platform Solution that drives business.

Designed for ease-of-use by data analysts and with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, EIQ2 is a data platform tool, automating workflow tasks in a simple and transparent fashion and removing the need for developing ETL tasks or manually writing code and validation checks. Shifting the burden of handling common and repetitive tasks from the user to technology, EIQ2 leverages smart technology to optimise and intelligently accelerate performance tuning on the fly.

EIQ2 is in effect, an engineering environment for the accurate movement and manipulation of data, handling a variety of sourced data volumes and formats, including SQL, Oracle and ODBC databases, excel xml and delimited or fixed width flat files, as well as textual data from converted image and word related documents, i.e.: (pdf, jpg etc.). In addition, and furnished with a rich set of tools and functionality, EIQ2 provides profiling capabilities, a graphical reporting suite, full end-to-end auditing and a built in library of transformation, cleansing and data governance measures, that can be easily added or changed, according to user requirements.

Data Platform Challenges

The challenges in building a Data Platform often centre around:

  • Costs
  • User buy in
  • Agreed and defined Business Fact definitions
  • Finding the right data
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Ensuring that this is all repeatable so that the world of Excel spreadsheets can be left behind





Business Decisions Today

EIQ2 has two main objectives:

To translate data into actionable knowledge so that more informed business decisions can be made; and to use a business’s intellectual assets to create value and build competitive advantage.