Excel Reporting

EIQ2 provides a range of a 100 plus Excel reports to help track server wide and ETL status, and make aware of any management issues. In challenging times, good decision-making becomes critical. The best decisions are made when all the relevant data available is taken into consideration.

EIQ2 monitors processing and active tasks and provides an array of ease-of-use reports (Status, Trends, Counters, and KPIs etc.) in an easily consumable format, to support the administration and maintenance of the server wide and ETL environment. Some of these reports concentrate on activity, such as timings, counts and data usage. Other reports focus on historical comparisons, data sizes, events and error management.

While helping to recognize issues before users experience degradation in performance or possible availability, these Excel reports make it easier to ensure that the server wide and ETL environment is running as expected.

EIQ2 Excel reports reflect the following categories:

EIQ2 provides server wide and ETL information that is decision ready. It allows the analysis of current and long-term trends, instant alerts to possible problems, and provides continuous feedback on the effectiveness of decisions been made. Having immediate access to current, actionable information, can make a huge difference.