EIQ2 Introduction

Data Platform solutions are widely used within the largest and most complex businesses in the world. In challenging times, good decision-making becomes critical. The best decisions are made when all the relevant data available is taken into consideration. EIQ2 provides ETL and BI technology, based on Microsoft’s SQL server offering, performing a ‘light touch’ approach and enabling rapid development and deployment. As a dynamic, automated platform for the building of high performance, data integrated solutions, EIQ2 provides the ability to answer critical questions, by moving data from operational systems toward a single version of the truth and into a format that is current, actionable, and easy to understand.

The EIQ2 toolset is a cost effective, intuitive data management solution that collates and integrates data from the complete organisational estate, delivering a coherent and accurate foundation for business reporting and insights and delivers:

The EIQ2 process, which the toolset follows, is represented below with a following explanation for each key component.

Data Acquisition
Data Logic Layer
Data Integration
Business Logic Layer
Delivery Layer
Generic Services